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The Northwest Regional Pact for Employment and Social Inclusion (PROIS-NV)


Northwest Regional Pact for Employment and Social Inclusion (PROIS-NV) is an associative structure which gathers 70 organizations involved in education and human resource development in the Northwest region of Romania. PROIS-NV is a representative organization for education, labor market and social inclusion. The PROIS-NV members implemented, as applicants or partners, over 150 projects co-financed by the ESF with a total value of over 140 million EURO. The updated list of members can be found at: Representativeness is given by the associate’s profile: authorized training providers (including VET), major universities in the regions, public authorities with responsibilities in formal education and long life learning, employment and social inclusion, consultant companies, unions, employers. Through its members and the executive staff, the association has a rich activity in European projects in the field of regional / local employment and social inclusion policy development and adult education. PROIS NV is also member in the National Council of Coordination of the Employment Pacts from Romania, which brings together more than 800 organizations at the national level. PROIS NV is taking part to CIAP and had an important contribution to the preparation of Partership Agreetment of Romania for the most efficient use of funds allocated to will be allocated in the next financial year of the European Union 2014-2020.

Projects in the field of the social inclusion and social entrepreneurship

1. "The Inclusive Cluj"

The project “Inclusive Cluj” is aiming to create a favourable climate to integrate in society young people from vulnerable groups, through art and creativity and to sustain the cooperation between the NGOs and to change the public perception about vulnerable groups. Using different activities, the project envisages to highlight the artistic and creative potential and to change the public perception on the part played by these persons in the community. Also, it promotes the interaction between different organisations that work with young people from vulnerable groups and it contributes to the strenghtening of the financial sustenability of the involved NGOs through training and courses in field of marketing, fundraising and financial management.

The target-group of the project includes on the one hand young people from different vulnerable groups: young people in/out the child protection system, disabled, with artistic, creative potential but with lower education level and on the other hand: experts from the centres that work with young people from vulnerable groups. Teachers, students, pupils, NGOs representatives, organisations and institutions for professional training, authorities, employer’s associations, unions, artists, mass-media, public at large.

The main activities of the projects: Sale exhibit of objects made by young persons from disadvantaged groups, Theatre, music and dance show held by the beneficiaries of several organisations in charge with social inclusion, Trainings and courses in field of marketing and financial management

Sponsor: Cluj-Napoca City Hall and City Council

Duration: May 1st – November 15th 2016


2. The project “IN_CLUJ_AR_T - Inclusion through culture and creativity for young people in Cluj” is implemented with the support of Cluj-Napoca City Hall and City Council and envisaged to encourage the participation of young people on cultural events, to create a favourable climate for the multicultural interaction in Cluj community and to contribute to the social cohesion amelioration. This unique and complex project is built on the interaction of young people involved in cultural events from different groups and on the opportunity to communicate with major representatives of organisations active in the cultural field, offered the deployment framework for several important events.

Sponsor: Cluj-Napoca City Hall and City Council

Duration: May 1st – November 15th 2016





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